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International Housing Estate Changchun
Changchun Hezhong Plaza
Beijing Headquarters of a Film Company
Jinan Song Hotel
Beijing Beitou Panorama Hotel
Steigenberger Hotel Jinan
Mauve Glamor Hotel Chengdu
Nanning Resort Hotel
“The Rothenburg” Hotel and Conference Center Pinghu
German Experts Community Interior
Taicang Maritim Conference Center
Maritim Hotel Taicang
MAXX by Steigenberger, Baoding
Chongli Mountain Library
Wyndham Grand Boutique Hotels
Fuzhou Hengjie Heritage Intervention
Intellectual Property Publishing House
Xixi Park Zero Energy Building
Jinan Sunac Hotel Group
‘IN-Beijing’ SOHO | Block D
Suzhou Marina Cove Gardens
Changchun Green Experience-Mall
Dalian Wanda Mall
Commercial Street Design
Changchun Wanda Mall
Majuqiao Innovation Hub
Shenzhen Headquarters Group
WuKuang Office Tower
Xi'an Super High-rise Complex
Hohhot Donghe Centre
Guiyang Super High-rise Complex
Changchun Jirun Hospital
Changchun Nanxi Zhirong Entrepreneurial Park
Shanghai Maxx Hotel Landscape
Changchun Hotel Complex
Maritim Hotel Mauritius
Tianjin Culture Park
Tianjin 5G Smart Community
Mentougou Industry Valley Masterplan
Pinghu German Town
Changchun German Town
Dongli Lake European Town
‘Love Island’ Changde
Tianjin Eco-Town Exhibition Hall
Beijing Huairou Science City
Neijiang Cultural Tourism Town
Haikou Primary School
Shijiazhuang Institute of Technology
Manshan Spa Eco-Town
Changchun Automotive Talents Residential Park
G9 Global Winery Resorts
Gate of Changchun Movie City
German Center Conversion
Wanda Chaozhou Hotel Group
Sino-German Eco-City Tianjin
Jincheng Park Network in Chengdu
Shanghai Baosteel Pioneer Park
Dujiangyan Hotel Complex
Hainan Begonia Bay Resort
Wuhan Smart City & Eco City
Meishan Shengshou Village
Sanya Show & Sales Centre
Changchun 'Longxiang Plaza'
Gerling Area Cologne
Commercial Plaza of the 21st Century
Yantai International Korean Town
Dalian Mining Pit Hotel
Yantai Korean Town Hotel
Fuyang Ying River East
Qinhuangdao HSR Station district
BMW,MINI,Rolls Royce | Show, sales & service centres
Tianjin Culture Park | Building Guidelines
Changshan Eastern City
Tianjin Sino-Singapore Eco City
The Cloud Yizhuang
Changchun 1948
Tianjin Culture Park	| Landscape
Society Hill Community | Landscape
Quelle Complex Nuremberg
Changchun Hills Community | Landscape
Dongli Lake CBD
King Abdullah Island
Wenzhou Taishun Movie Town
Taiyuan South Station District
Caofeidian Eco City
Tianjin Commercial Street Roofing
Maria Magdalena Church Freiburg
Birkenstock Tokyo
Qinghua Garden Residential Community
Taiyuan South Station | Front Buildings
Weihai Xiaoyao Tourist Town
Fuyang Wangdian German Town
Xiqing New CBD
Jinnan Eco-Estate
Yingkou City Hall
‘IN-Beijing’ sales & club building
WASU headquarters | interior
Guangzhou residential twin tower
VOD one headquarters
Carlswerk Cologne
Yizhuang Science & Technology Center
Qingdao Shipping Campus
Xingang Shipyard Cultural & Entertainment District
Lanzhou Int’l Trade Center
Suizhong seaside community
Miyun villas | interior
Bauhaus Campus
New Deichmanske Library Oslo
House T | Cologne
Shanghai 777 Factory
Huaming New Town | Landscape
'Society Hill' sales & club building
AVIC Headquarter Tower
‘Kennedy House’ Duesseldorf
’Qinghua Garden’ community centre
Sales building in Dueren
‘Society Hill’ Club
Shenxi New Town Centre
Wuhan ‘Green Sky’
Motel One Leipzig
Siebengebirge, Cologne
Majuqiao Show & Sales Centre
Jinji Lake Townhouse Community
Zhangjiawo SOHO
Furong Lake View Community
Fisherman’s Dock Residential Community
Nansha Bay Boutique Hotel
Zhangjiawo New Town
Tianjin Airport Business Park
The Nam June Paik Museum
Accademia Bridge
Binhai Railway Station & Traffic Hub
Aviation Science & Technology Park
Yantai hotel extension