Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design ,,LEED Platinum” Certification (highest possible) by US Green Building Council (for Hangzhou Xixi Exhibition Centre)

10th ELITE Science & Technology Award in Gold in the category ‘Architectural Design’ (for Hangzhou Xixi Exhibition Centre)

“MIPIM Asia Awards” Bronze winner in the Category ‘Best Urban Regeneration Project’ (for Tianjin Cultural Centre, China)

International “ICONIC Awards” 2013, Winner in the Category ‘Best Urban Planning Concept’, awarded by the Rat fur Formgebung / German Design Council (for Tianjin Cultural Centre, China)

DAM (German National Architecture Museum) Award “22 Best Buildings in/from Germany” (for “T Building” of College of Technology in Bremerhaven/Germany)

Innovation Award “365 Places in the Nation of Ideas” (for TRM Centre at the University of Leipzig/Germany)

“German Steel Construction Award 2012“ by Federal Building Ministry (for “Blue-Gold” House in Cologne/Germany)

3rd rank among “Most Successful Practices for Urban Planning Competitions” 2011, awarded by German internet platform “competitionline” from tot. 2,900 design companies

Real Estate Award “Top 10 Developments in Jilin Province” 2010 (for Vanke Changchun Hills, Changchun/China)

7th Habitat Award in Gold “Best Multifunctional Architectural Design“ (for Society Hill, Tianjin/China)

Award „Deutscher Natursteinpreis“ (for city archive Halle a.d.Saale/Germany)

“Architecture Award of BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten) Hamburg” Second Prize (for Bernhard Nocht Institute, Hamburg)

Award „NRW (North-Rhine Westphalia) wohnt“ (for Siebengebirge, Cologne/Germany)

Award „Artheon–Kunstpreis/Art Award“ (for St. Ursula memorial, Cologne/Germany)

Award „Architekturpreis Sachsen-Anhalt 2007“ (for city archive Halle a.d.Saale/Germany)

„Award of BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten) Bremen 2006“ First Prize (for University „An der Karlsburg“, Bremerhaven/Germany)

„Deutscher Architekturpreis / German National Architecture Award 2005“ Recognition (for double-church for the two Christian faiths, Freiburg/Germany)

„Deutscher Städtebaupreis / German Urbanistsic Award 2004“ Recognition (for Händelhaus-Karree, Halle a.d.Saale/Germany)

“Solutia Design Award“ Recognition (for Bauhaus Campus, Dessau/Germany)

DIFA-Award “Quarters in an Urban Context“ (for Händelhaus-Karree, Halle a.d.Saale/Germany)

“World Architecture Award 2002” Recognition (for Bauhaus Campus, Dessau/Germany)

“Contract World Award 2002” Second Prize (for Bauhaus Campus, Dessau/Germany)

“Core Design Award”, category of “Interior & Environmental Design”, Second Prize (for Bauhaus Campus, Dessau/Germany)

“Euro-Regional Construction Award for Sustainable Industrial Buildings“ of the KathyBeys Foundation, Aachen/Germany (for Hülden industrial building, Düren/Germany)

“Award for Exemplary Buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia 2000“ (for Hülden industrial building, Düren/Germany)

“Award for Exemplary Buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia 2000“ (for Media-Park Block 2, Cologne/Germany)

“Architectural Award of WestHyp Foundation for Exemplary Industrial Buildings 2000“ (for Hülden industrial building, Düren/Germany)