Changchun Nanxi Zhi Rong Industrial Park is located in the south of Changchun, within a triangular plot to the East of Yiwu Road.

With the intent of creating a high-quality ecological park, we put forward the overall concept of “strong outside and soft inside, simple outside and rich inside”.

The high-rise buildings are set along Yiwu Road, facing the direction of the city center, while the lower multi-story office buildings are inside the park.

Changchun City, Jilin Province, China
Changchun Chengtou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Commissioning Party
Jilin Jinghe Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Design Period
Jan., 2020 - Dec., 2020
Planning Area
Scope of Service
facade design
Design Team
Dong Yan, Michele Morrone, Daniele Baratelli, Laura Ruiz, Christian Hartmann, Huanhuan Zhao, Fan Zhang