When Germany and China meet in Baoding – Maxx hotel is located in the Science and Technology Industrial Park of Baoding’s Shenzhen Park, integrating art, music, architecture, cultural scenes from Germany and the latest scientific and technological creative ideas in hotel industry in China. The birth of this new landmark will help Baoding’s Shenzhen Park become a new town full of dreams and hopes for future science and technology industry and businesses.

The hotel is located at No.2 building of the Shenzhen Park venture capital investment center, Lianchi District, Baoding city.

Baoding, Hebei province, China
Hebei Shenbao Investment Development Co.,Ltd.
Scope of Service
interior design, lighting design, signage design, audio & video design, kitchen design
Design Period
in progress
It is a key node plot in the start-up area of the Shenzhen Park. The No.2 building is shared by Maxx Hotel and Citadines apartment-style hotel. The1-3 Floors are shared areas (the two hotels have independent entrances and public areas respectively), with a total construction area of about 28000m2. The Maxx Hotel guest rooms are …

It is a key node plot in the start-up area of the Shenzhen Park. The No.2 building is shared by Maxx Hotel and Citadines apartment-style hotel. The1-3 Floors are shared areas (the two hotels have independent entrances and public areas respectively), with a total construction area of about 28000m2. The Maxx Hotel guest rooms are located on the 11th to 19th floors, with a total construction area of about 17000 m2.

The Maxx hotel at Shenzhen Park venture capital investment center is a place for communication, gathering, relaxation and entertainment, connecting surrounding area with the world and celebrating the shining and wonderful moments in life; It is also a “home away from home”, a new corner in life, giving people a new angle to appreciate the world.


Design Inspiration

The overall aesthetic theme of interior design is inspired by German classical music genres. Music is an important part of life in Germany. Over the centuries, many German composers, bands and artists have created a new wave of movements. Germany has played a leading role in the development of classical music in the world. The most famous musicians, such as Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Wagner and Mahler, all born in Germany. We interpret the music genres as design techniques, and integrate the brand image of Maxx hotel – elaborately planned but not stick to one pattern, tranquil, calm and exquisite, elegant, rich layering and the balance between of comfort and drama. The hotel is jointly created by outstanding innovative people in the fields of architecture, interior design, arts curating, catering and hotel services.

Social Inspiration

The appearance of Maxx hotel marks a new milestone of this first-class emerging industrial park community – becoming one of the most important projects in the development of this representative precious community in the region. Baoding’s Shenzhen Park venture capital investment center brings together office buildings, business hotels, talent apartments and commercial blocks to create a technological and financial platform for enterprises, becomes a regional finance and venture capital resource cluster, industrial development engine and all-round service center. In addition to excellent business development, with admiration for art, music, design and gourmet, people in the community have expressed their passion for life with sensory celebration. The community not only attracts outstanding talents to contribute to the technological industry, but also stimulates the enthusiasm for creating a new lifestyle in diverse fields.

Aesthetic Inspiration

The interior decoration of the hotel is featured by the integration of western and eastern artistic elements and collision between traditional and modern visual styles. Combining the exquisite and elegant character of the hotel brand, we adopt a series of bold popular colors as embellishment, together with artworks and ornaments full of design sense and interest, they brings out the best in each other, so as to inject vitality to the overall effect. Further, we adds fashionable design to the classical art deco style, which arouses people’s curiosity to explore deeper story. It is not only a place where modern elegance and classical meaningful style are highly blended, but also an artistic holy land where local culture resonates with German culture for “sensory immersion” experiences.

Wandering with the symphony in the floading light and shadow

The Maxx hotel is an art hotel full of unique charm, just like a fairyland. The dynamic public space and the strikingly exquisite and luxury atmosphere create a dreamy and unparalleled experience. The space design concept is based on the iconic Art Deco luxury decorative style in the 20th century, and is perfectly integrated with the modern Bauhaus style.

For the lobby space, we adopts curve and arch elements full of flowing feeling and lightness to create the ultimate experience with 360 degree panoramic view. Once guests enter the hotel gate, they will be deeply attracted by the oval space with double-story height and exquisite chandeliers. The exquisite and elegant details not only convey the feeling of luxury, but also create a flowing, light and fanciful atmosphere for the space. The lobby is equipped with comprehensive concierge service area, reception area, leisure area and other functional spaces. Guests can pass through the cross-shaped arcade space surrounded by artworks, reach all-day dining and coffee bar on the second floor through the elegant rotating stairs, or go straight to the lobby bar for relaxation.

Reveling in rhapsody in the rippling world

Dining space is one of the core spaces of the Maxx brand experience. Layers, textures, colors and ornaments all show the influence of catering culture from different regions of the world. It has casual elegance and whimsical moments, showing the perfect combination of local culture and international culture and the seasonal richness of food, and is full of the unique cordial and hospitable atmosphere of the dining space.

The inspiration of the soft decoration and color scheme comes from the music form “Rhapsody”. The music often has a variety of scales, showing some heart-thumping emotions and mysterious and playful notes. We use color tones with high contrast and decorative artistic elements as touches to form a cheerful non-regular space with exquisite taste. Color is changing unpredictably in the infiniteness, just like the ultimate broadmindedness in the heart, turning the moment into eternity. Like a rhapsody glittering in the rippling world, it entices people to join the ensemble feast for eyes and taste.

Waltz glowing in the moonlight
The top surface of the multi-function hall suspends in the air with the flow of light and shadow. The light collides with the rosy gem velvet and rich wall panel decoration to form a visual focus, perfectly interact with the space, and balance the warmth, comfort and sophistication, delicacy. Every guest will be touched by this solemn etiquette when arriving. This is a waltz that is glowing in the hazy moonlight, touching the heartstrings which is unforgettable. The meeting room, gym, laundry room, bride room and other functional spaces are also arranged on the third floor to meet the diverse needs of guests and enrich their experience.

Dream serenade waiting for the stars

The overall style of the guest room is based on the concept of “Willkommen Zuhause” in Germany, which means “welcome home”. People shuttling through the steel forest, the hustle and bustle has become the main rhythm of city life. No matter how the scenery is, we are still moving forward day by day. Our awareness and perception are piling up one after another. There is always something worth bearing in mind. Formal, leisure, blending here, there is neither solution nor boundary. Be tender to the fleeting time, try the best to carve out the experience of every moment, no need to bother about the past and future, just enjoy the delight of the present. Like a fanciful serenade, it is elegant and light, gentle and sweet, or like a beautiful and joyful smile, waiting for the arrival of the morning light in the dreamy starry sky.


Maxx hotel Baoding is like a treasure chest that you will never be disappointed no matter where you go in this hotel. It is the embodiment of the hotel brand and corporate culture – meaningful, unvarying, restrained, quality and value. At the same time, it is full of enthusiasm and service spirit, carrying a steady stream of creativity and love. All guests are welcome to visit. In this Garden of Eden full of precious elements, guests will enjoy a unique atmosphere as comfortable as home plus some unusual wonderful feeling. It is a never-ending time machine that links the flow of light and shadow, the memory of time and all the memorable moments in life.

Design Area
about 17690㎡
Design Team
Wolf Loebel, Ran Li, Yan Dong, Wenjing Su, Sijia Zeng, Yanda Li , Michele Morrone, Jinyan Li, Shujun Guo, Qianqian Song, Xiaodong Wu, Pengyong Li, Ning Shi