The triangular shaped plot is intended to be an extension of ‘Society Hill’ residential community and a natural continuation of Zhangjiawo urban development.

The site called ‘plot 0’ is located in the north of ‘Society Hill’ residential project equally planned by RhineScheme (former: Rheinschiene), just opposite of its third and last construction stage. Target group of this development is young people who can just afford their very first apartment.

Tianjin Zhangjiawo / China
National Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Tianjin)
Site area / GFA
2.0 ha / 39,600 m²
Main planning aim was hence to create a vivid, modern c …

Main planning aim was hence to create a vivid, modern community which mainly appeals to the younger generation. Clearly recognizable clusters with semi-public courtyards create a friendly and communicative, at the same time safe living space.

The proposed typology of buildings is reflecting wishes and possibilities of young people – medium and small-sized apartments with a big variety of additional spaces: as private gardens, terraces, balconies – all of them bright and with good solar conditions.
Affordable (first) apartments with these qualities are rare to find, making this project an exceptionally good choice for young people.

Scope of services
Schematic urban and building design
Design team
Wolf Loebel, Ran Li, Yang Liu, Marta Niedbalec