‘Yantai Korean Town’ was planned in 2015 as a new development in a virgin area right in the middle between the cities of Yantai and Weihai.

The natural resources of the site are tremendous, with access to the sea, a beautiful estuary, and a view of the nearby mountains. Designed to facilitate the Chinese–Korean trade, the town was intended to host a big number of industries in the future that will make it self-sufficient and flourishing.

Yantai, Shandong / China
Yantai Hua’an Group
Plot area
40,700 m²
Gross Floor Area
20,400 m²
In the planned start-up area, a hotel, a commercial str …

In the planned start-up area, a hotel, a commercial street and a low-rise residential complex are the main elements, as initial investment that will provide a base for development and business attraction.
The very first building to be constructed will be the “Hua’an Hotel”, thus serving as urban 5 star business hotel, fully equipped to support the growth of the area. Given the position on site, next to the estuary with views towards the sea and the mountains, it should also function as a tourist hotel. The challenge was to create a hotel that could answer to both functions, whilst having a strong individual character.

The ideal touristic hotel would be a resort hotel. And the biggest quality of a resort hotel is being surrounded by nature. Bringing nature into an urban style high-rise hotel is hence the challenge and the most important design element. Several suspended gardens which serve different areas and different levels – some public, some private – are the main feature. The roof top serves as a huge open sky garden offering great views and a relaxing environment.

Scope of services
Schematic building design in 2 variants (suspended)
Deaign team
Li Ran, Pablo Molina, Andreea Hriscu, Zhang Bairu, Chen Yiting, Tao Yuanwen