International landscape design competition 2nd Prize

A new city park had to be planned along the attractive waterfront of Ziya River.

This public gesture indicated not only respect to the river as a major element of identity for Yangliuqing town, but the intention as well to bring people to the river and its picturesque landscape.

Tianjin Yangliuqing / China
Tianjin Planning Bureau, Xiqing District branch
Landscape design area
44.6 ha
As a gathering place and recreational destination, the …

As a gathering place and recreational destination, the park serves multifunctional needs. A vibrant promenade integrates plazas, gardens, playing fields and some buildings in a strong spine.
The buildings – youth centre, elders people centre, restaurants, tea house and sport facilities – are dedicated to the use by citizens of different generations as well as to visitors from the region who use the park for enjoying a variety of active and contemplative uses.

Backbone of the park is a slightly elevated ridge which also serves as buffer to the adjacent railway. Park and waterfront spine are shifting city activities towards the river. Tremendous views from the park to the landscape north of the river and the re-connection with the rich water landscape of Ziya River are the main highlights of the new park.

Project team
Atelier Dreiseitl, Wolf Loebel Architects, Schaller/Theodor Architects