Feasibility study for a green multi-function high-rise

The proposal for the first eco-friendly high-rise in Beijing is set in the core area of its Central Business District for one of the largest internet and cable TV providers in China.

The multi functional high-rise combines multiple telecommunication companies in a ‘tower in tower’ concept interconnected by sky gardens and lobbies.

CBD core area of Beijing / China
VODone Telemedia Co., Ltd.
Site area
8,500 m²
Gross Floor Area
180,000 m²
Program spaces on the first 6 floors are: a subterranea …

Program spaces on the first 6 floors are: a subterranean parking garage, retail, cinemas, and restaurants. The floors 7-64 are mainly office areas provided for the various companies, separated by green atrium spaces programmed for restaurants, relaxation, conference facilities, etc. A sky-garden with restaurants and shops on the rooftop will be open to the public.

The ecological concept combines: natural ventilation and cooling and passive heating through a double-skin façade and sky gardens, ground cooling and stack ventilation, sun tracking photo voltaic panels embedded within the outer building envelope, electro-chromic glass for sun shading.
The LED multi media façade within the inner office envelope will be the social interface with the public and is intended to show live chats, videos, images, adverts and news.

Design Team
Prof. Edgar Stach, Wolf Loebel, Ignacio Alonso, Yang Liu, Yuri Melnichenko