International design competition 2nd Prize

Design objective was to create an inspiring landmark at the entrance to Tianjin Airport Business Area. Similar to a group of people having a conversation, the 6 buildings are standing in a relationship to each other, making contact and communicating, by this gesture inviting visitors to enter the urban squares that they form between each other.

Tianjin / China
Tianjin Municipal Construction & Development Co., Ltd.
Site area / GFA
3.5 ha / 104,000 m²
As another welcome gesture, the gradually rising surfac …

As another welcome gesture, the gradually rising surface of one of the buildings, allegorizing a ‘stairway to heaven’, is forming a sculptural event in a cautious, yet fascinating way. It will be memorable to everyone perceiving it, even to people accidentally passing by. The building will not impose itself; it will rather attract people by making them curious about what might follow next.

It is actually the initial image of a diversified, sophisticated sequence of spaces which lead to a beautiful park, flanking the south-west side of the building complex.
The richness of urban space is beneficial to the adjacent projects, such as hotel and governmental buildings.
The specific organization of buildings and open spaces allows a great variety of layouts with representative entrances. The position of entrances as well as the floor plans can be changed and adapted in many ways, in order to offer a great variety of business and commercial spaces.

Scope of services
Conceptual Urban and Building Design
Design team
Local Architects: Wolf Loebel, Li Ran | External Partners: Johannes Schilling Architects, 3Pass Architects