The community club building of ‘Society Hill’ Residences is located at the heart of the residential area, adjacent the main gates of both construction stages.

Its reduced, cubic architecture is relatively closed towards the street, yet opens up towards the interior of the site, spanning the full height of the building and offering an unobstructed view to the main community plaza with its water cascade, behind which the Orchard Park as the community’s main landscape feature begins.

Tianjin Zhangjiawo / China
Tianjin Jindao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Design / close of construction
2006-2007 / 2008
Gross Floor Area
4,000 m²
The multi-functional building offers a variety of sport …

The multi-functional building offers a variety of sports facilities: an indoor swimming-pool and gymnasium stacked on separate floors, fitness and aerobic rooms, as well as open air tennis courts on the rooftop.
Beside these concentrated sports facilities, the programme includes a foyer for meetings and exhibitions, a lounge with café, administration offices, as well as numerous technical facilities.
The facade is constructed from dark red, satin-finished and partially perforated Trespa panels distributed in a uniform way across all functional areas and allowing for direct or filtered views towards the outside.

Scope of services
Preliminary Building Design
Planning team
Local Architects: Wolf Loebel, Li Ran / External Partners: Schaller/Theodor Architects