The community club of ‘Society Hill’ development offers a variety of sports facilities to the residents: indoor swimming-pool, gymnasium, fitness rooms, as well as open air tennis courts on the rooftop.

Furthermore it accommodates a grand foyer for meetings and exhibitions, an adjacent lounge with café, as well as administration offices and technical facilities.

Tianjin Zhangjiawo / China
National Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Tianjin)
Interior design area
450 m² (main public areas)
The foyer spanning the full height of the building is o …

The foyer spanning the full height of the building is offering unobstructed views to the most attractive landscape features of the project: the main community plaza with its water cascade and the central green axis with its rich planting and varied watercourse.

The commissioned interior design task dealt with the aforementioned major public spaces:
During the sales phase the vast entrance hall was used as welcome and display area, showing (amongst others) physical models of the residential project. The nearby café was used for negotiations in an informal, casual atmosphere.
Together with unobtrusive materials (timber, light grey natural stone, stainless steel, and white plaster) and decent modern furniture, special big-scale lighting elements are creating the major space impression, not only in the evening hours. These illumination-walls display some oversized prints of ‘jujube’ trees, those partly 200 years old trees that were found in huge numbers on the ground and that have been integrated in orchards into the landscape design of the community.

Design team
Local architects: Li Ran, Li Qian | External Partner: Johannes Schilling Architects