The show and sales office for real estate promotion is located on Luhuitou Bay in Sanya. The site is a key node for the urban and landscape connection between Sanya and the Luhuitou peninsula.

The conceptual design started with the study of the surrounding buildings and their sightlines towards the landscape, in order to fit each function to the site in an appropriate way.

Sanya, Hainan Island / China
Sanya Xiaozhou Island Hotel Investm. & Managem. Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area
1,000 m²
The surrounding buildings are therefore not only part o …

The surrounding buildings are therefore not only part of the existing situation, but they determine layout and zoning of the sales office. In order to achieve the own requirements, wall planes were created for screening the views from outside in, opening the views from inside out, and creating an interior space at the same time.

Option one: Sea Waves
A meandering path leads into a peaceful quiet park. Gradually, a reflecting pool appears on both sides of the trail. Water bubbles show up on the pavement, telling visitors that they have arrived at a sea world. Two bar seating areas are set like birdcages into a quiet reflecting pool, adding interesting experiences to the sales office.
The crisp white form is conceived as a lightweight cloud. The reflective pool emphasizes the apparent weightlessness of the structure which is immersed in the natural surroundings.
Facing the seaside, large windows and their shading louvers can selectively fade out the sea-view, or integrate sea, beach and sunshine into the room.

Option two: The Frame
A white box, and a wonderful viewing platform as well. It leads the visitor through a sequence of spaces from the green shade into the white box. Empty and solid spaces interpenetrate, setting viewing frames properly as the space changes. Using the traditional Chinese landscape design method of framing and inflating the views, the visitor walks through the setting while his views from the windows are directed and focused on the sea.
The outdoor reflecting pool avoids the view of the existing wrecks in the sea. A gap at the bottom of the box lets the whole box appear floating upon the water. The white box itself is very simple in shape, but the spatial changes between the inside and outside fills it with a deeper, meaningful sense.

Scope of services
Preliminary building & landscape design, construction drawing check (suspended)
Design team
Li Ran, Pablo Molina, Zhang Bairu, Andreea Hriscu