Feasibility study

The site is located in Qinhuangdao, north and south of the existing High-speed Railway Station. Both areas are marked by a central city axis that runs from the city center in the south to the new development areas in the north, physically separated from each other by the station.

Considering the existing infrastructure – including major highways connecting with the nearby cities – the site has become an important catalyst for the future development of the city. In particular, the HSR train is a major indicator for the economic growth of the city. Therefore it has become opportune to give the areas around the HSR station a new urban identity:

Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province / China
Evergrande Real Estate Group & Hebei Fengbaio Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Planning area
12.7 ha (distributed among 4 plots)
Gross Floor Area
505,000m² (+270,000 m² underground)
Office 199,000m² / SOHO 169,000m² / Retail, entertainmt. 106,000m²/ Hotel 32,000m²
By adding contemporary and green architecture and by in …

By adding contemporary and green architecture and by inventing and developing a convenient infrastructure for vehicles and pedestrians to cross from one side of the station to the other without interference.
The urban expansion around the station will be seen as proof of a tolerant, modern and smart city, adding both mature and charming features to the city image.

RhineScheme’s task was to design the non-residential areas only.
The northern intervention site occupies a total area of 9.3 ha; the smaller south site has 3.4 ha.
The functions inside the southern area interact as a small town, with a five star hotel, office towers and commercial street, where people have a pleasant stay, workplaces and shopping facilities directly connected to the HSR train station. The uses are organized around a series of interconnected plazas forming a semi-circle with focus on the train station.

The northern areas welcome the passengers with a pair of super high-rise towers, both 205 meters tall. These twin towers create an iconic landmark in the new city skyline.
The further north is marked by mainly residential areas, where low-rise commercial streets along the Central Avenue and the avenue surrounding the train station offer convenient shopping and leisure facilities.

Scope of services
Conceptual urban planning & architectural design
Design team
Li Ran, Pablo Molina, Alev Selcuk, Andreea Hriscu, Rita Lourenco, Xiong Yan, David Serrano, Irma Talovic