International interior design competition

Dong’ao Island is a sub-tropical tourist location in the exits of the prosperous Pearl River Delta, between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau, about 13 miles from the latter. It is part of the southern Wanshanqun islands. The rather small island has an ‘I’ shape and is about 3 km in length and width, with a total land area of only 4.6 km² (and a coastline of about 15 km).

Most important stimulus for the interior design of this five star resort hotel has been the building’s location.

Dong Ao Island, Zhuhai / China
GREE Zhuhai Island Investment Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area
48,000 m²
By the selection of materials, colours and patterns the …

By the selection of materials, colours and patterns the local environment, climate and landscape are emphasized – with the aim of reflecting the casual, relaxing atmosphere of beach and maritime life.
Main design topics have been assigned to different hotel areas: sea, island, beach and reef.
The interior design of different parts receives its individual character by the specific choice of materials and colour combinations, responding to one of the main topics, which in the end are always related to the main concept: Sea.
For the most public areas, such as conference rooms and restaurants, the concept of ‘reef’ provides an always surprising wide range of colours and textures.
The main lobby and reception area trace the colours and magic reflections of the deep water.
For the guest rooms and suites the main intent has been to reflect the calm and relaxation of the beach.

Scope of services
Interior Conceptual Design
Design Team
Manh Tran, Marta Niedbalec, Alberto Sánchez, Lara Rubio, Xin Zhang