Architectural competition 1st Prize and subsequent design commission

‘Motel One’ is a new hotel right in the historic centre of the city.

In the façade concept, two aspects had to be taken account of: Along with the prominent surroundings, the internal arrangement of the 194 hotel rooms was the main design factor.

Leipzig / Germany
Motel One GmbH, Munich / Germany
Close of construction
194 keys
The new corner building follows the line of the street …

The new corner building follows the line of the street with its historic multiplicity and was orientated towards the height of the existing buildings, without forfeiting its own identity.
The facade arrangement follows the classic principles of plinth, middle part, and parapet. Rhythmically arranged pilasters divide the long building.
In detail there are two other design characteristics: a surrounding cornice reminiscent of the richly decorated neighbouring buildings and French windows as typological element for residential property.

Kister Scheithauer Gross