Design competition 2nd Prize | Interior design lines

The interior of 56 high-class villas had to be designed, located in a calm and elegant community 75km north-east from Beijing within the privileged, sought-after Miyun area. To cover a maximum range of potential clients, three different design lines had to be created, all of them in a reduced minimalist style where colours, materials and atmospheres are different, representing modern life in a mixture with Chinese traditional ways of living, using open but closely related spaces, such as open Western kitchens combined with traditional Chinese ones.

Beijing Miyun / China
Beijing GuoRui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Interior design area
400 m² / 3 alternative concepts / 56 villas
Space is organized and divided by built-in units or wal …

Space is organized and divided by built-in units or walls where all the necessary functions are included.
The first concept is called ‘dark elegance’, expressing the stylishness of successful young and independent persons in an elegant as well as extravagant way. Green marbles, dark atmosphere, polished surfaces, glass, dark leather and modern furniture. The staircase takes presence as the main feature of the entire living space. This style conveys the perfect environment to express a prosperous life-style.

‘White purity’ as the second concept creates spaces full of light with some decent notes of colour, serving almost as an exhibition gallery and as canvas for single masterpieces of furniture and decoration: Spaces that represent modern life on a rather artistic level and with unique ambience

The reconciliation between these two opposite concepts is a style called ‘balance’, representing the equilibrium in form of a warm environment where the toasted colours of the travertine, the smooth surfaces of beige fabrics and the warm atmosphere that timber provides are creating a cozy living space, more orientated towards young couples with offspring in early ages to express the warmth of family life.

Design team
Alberto Sánchez, Manh Tran