The College of Pharmacy’s is one of the top 20 pharmacy schools of the US with locations in both Memphis and Knoxville. Its new Memphis facility is located at the Eastern edge of the University of Tennessee campus, between the existing campus buildings and the new biotech park which is important for many reasons.

The new building clearly engages itself as part of the existing campus, while not turning its back on the new park with which the college has a strong relationship.

Memphis, Tennessee / U.S.A.
Close of construction
Gross Floor Area
20,000 m²
It gathers students and faculty from six separate build …

It gathers students and faculty from six separate buildings in the Memphis Medical Centre complex so they can teach and learn in a single structure.
The new building houses large and small lecture halls, class rooms and conference rooms outfitted with equipment for distance learning, research labs with support space, a computer lab, office space and student space.

In the initial (later modified) design, the entire atrium building is contained within a glass facade with operable windows.
The offices are located either at the west wing of the building with a floor-to-ceiling facade, or opening towards the winter gardens and the atrium.

The eight-story building is located on the site of an old downtown hospital that was demolished before construction of the new structure could start. The construction itself is made of structural steel frame with foundation made of concrete piles.

Edgar Stach, Barbara Klinkhammer