A residential compound has been realized on the shore of Jinji Lake in Suzhou’s “Sino-Singapore Industrial Park”, a complete new city implemented beside the old one, with an area of 80 km² and a planned population of 1.2 million.

The façade design of this low-rise development called “Shuixianglinli Neighbourhood” has been commissioned to RhineScheme with the developer’s explicit wish for a design that is dedicated to and based on the classical modern principles of European architecture.

Suzhou / China
Jinghope Investment Management (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
37 buildings / 6 different house types
Simple shapes and forms, clear volumes and a reduced se …

Simple shapes and forms, clear volumes and a reduced selection of materials (mainly white plaster, partly light-colour wooden panels and dark-grey aluminum) define the character of the buildings in sharp contrast to the usual high-end residential projects in China.

29 town houses and detached villas as well as 8 apartment buildings, totally 6 different building types, 3 to 4 levels high, are grouped along artificial canals and ponds, all enjoying splendid views towards the water scenery of Jinji Lake.

Scope of Services
Deepened Façade Design
Design Team
Local architects: Li Ran, Liu Zhengwei, Hu Jingju | External partner: 3Pass architects