• Arch. competition 1st Prize | subsequent design commission
  • German National Architectural Award, recognition 2005
  • Award for Exemplary Buildings in Freiburg (1998–2006), recognition

A pretty unique church has been built at the heart of Freiburg’s new city district of Rieselfeld. Two churches, a protestant and a catholic, are uni-ted in one building and can be combined into a single ecumenical church.

Freiburg / Germany
Archiepiscopal Board of Constructions Freiburg
Design / close of construction
1999 - 2004
Gross Floor Area
2,200 m²
As in traditional church design, the double church has …

As in traditional church design, the double church has three naves. The two side naves accommodate the church rooms. Here, the catholic part of the church stretches over the full length, whilst the smaller protestant church area has its centre at the opposite end.
The middle nave accommodates the communal entrance hall.

The ceiling-high walls facing the churches can be pushed to one side if required. Opened up, the large ecumenical room is brought into being. All external and internal walls, even the moveable partitions, have a fair faced concrete finish.
An impressive timber beam ceiling stretches between the enormous walls and weaves the three naves of the church together under one roof.

Kister Scheithauer Gross
Christian Richters, Yohan Zerdoun