The project called ‘Prosperity Triplet’ (PT) consisting of King Abdullah’s Bridge, Passenger Port & Smart City, aims to make Dammam Metropolitan Area a development hub on the shore of the Arabian Gulf utilizing the unique development potentials of the region and reflecting its genius loci.

PT is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia as an island in the Arabian Gulf to act as an international business, finance, transportation and IT hub.

Dammam / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tamleek Gulf Real Estate Co. (KSA)
Planning Area
12.4 km²
Through its nature and the type and scale of the propos …

Through its nature and the type and scale of the proposed activities, PT is a unique development project on both kingdom and Arabian Gulf levels.
To achieve its objectives, PT aims to be a major IT hub and offshore R&D and financial centre in the area. Moreover, it includes two major infrastructure components:

King Abdullah’s Bridge (with 11 km length) will connect King Abdullah’s Road in Dammam with Riyadh Road on the adjacent Tarut Island, thus formulating a ring road around the built-up area. This measure will finally improve the accessibility and connectivity between the different parts of the study area. It is planned to extend this bridge for another 14 km to Ras Tanura in the second stage of the project.
King Abdullah’s Passenger Port will improve the connectivity of Dammam with major urban centres on the Arabian Gulf and act as a peer to Jeddah Port in the Western area of the Kingdom. It is planned for 1.5 million passengers per year in its first stage and to be connected to South-East Asia, mainly India and Pakistan, in the second stage.

Design Team
Prof. Edgar Stach, Wolf Loebel, Joana Schwarz, Zhengwei Liu, Rui Zhao