During the sales activities of the adjacent ‘IN Beijing’ SOHO project equally planned by RhineScheme, this building serves as sales and information centre and as showroom for sample apartments of different style. After the end of sales, it will be kept as office space as well as for public uses for residents and employees of the community.

Beijing Majuqiao / China
Beijing GuoRui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Design / construction
2009 / 2010
Gross Floor Area
1,200 m²
The overall building shape is reduced and simple. The g …

The overall building shape is reduced and simple.
The generously glazed sales area is organized in the ground floor. Its glass facades are covered by metal posts, extending the building as 3-dimensional frames into the open space, and generating splendid light effects by interlacing sunrays and shadows.

The sample apartments are located in the second floor. Two volumes of different height and width are marking the 2 single-level and the 3 double-height (loft-type) sample apartments. The volumes are wrapped by metal panels – the bigger one in golden, the smaller in silver colour, like two surrealistic space ships floating in the air.

The landscape concept takes its inspiration from some of Paul Klee’s paintings. Plantings and paving are arranged in a geometric way by parallel stripes that are perpendicular to the broad main road, leading the way from the public road to the building. Each stripe is made of a different material or element – like water, timber, sand, gravel, stone of different colours, grass, shrubs, flowers etc. Next to the building, these stripes and materials become flat, solid and more precious.

Scope of services
Detailed Building and Landscape Design
Design team
Wolf Loebel, Ignacio Alonso, Lukasz Piasta, Yang Liu