The apartment is located in the North-Chinese city of Changchun, with important automotive industry and a big number of German expatriates living in the city for a couple of years, with their specific needs of feeling at home within their residential environment.

The overall design adopts a casual, industrial workshop style. Shadow effects are created by lighting with a pale yellowish color, in order to increase the hierarchy of space. The mixed furniture style is of simple and classical modernity.

Tanxiangwan residential area, Automobile District of Changchun / China
Jilin Huahang Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Design / close of construction
Interior design area
160 m²
Featuring second-hand wooden surfaces creates a somehow …

Featuring second-hand wooden surfaces creates a somehow ‘cozy’ feeling, with a whole wall of hanging wooden panels providing a soft charm. Also some bare brick walls cater to the quasi-industrial feeling. With the addition of art works, an artistic touch is added to an otherwise rough and industrial ‘retro’ environment.
The design reflects German culture with a matching colour palette, while taking care of the functional optimization, storage and lighting system, in particular with the treatment of details and the combination of diverse materials. An aesthetic yet simple and practical design was fully considered, while integrating an intelligent home management system.
Floor heating, air conditioning and fresh air systems, water and electricity as well as home cinema and others have been coordinated or preserved during the design process. Based on the client’s budget, the construction costs have been limited to 2,000 RMB/m² (ca. 300$/m²)

Design team
Ran Li, Pengyong Li, Chenwei Li, Wenze He