Feasibility study

The project is located in Yingdong District of Fuyang City, an abandoned industrial area east of the Ying River, very close to the city centre. The project aims at the urban renewal of the area to ensure quality of life and business opportunities as well as leisure activities by creating new construction of more than 500,000 square meters.

The new development includes three main functions: Residential, office/hotel and commercial/leisure (72%, 16% and 12% respectively)

Fuyang, Anhui Province /China
Anhui Yihan Investment Co. Ltd.
Plot area
30 ha
Gross Floor Area
555,300 m² (plus 38,100 underground)
Residential 400,500m² / Office & hotel 87,100m² / Commercial & leisure 67,700m²
The business area includes an iconic super high-rise bu …

The business area includes an iconic super high-rise building with a height of 180 meters as well as low-rise commercial streets for continental European style shopping.
The relationship between Anhui Province and the German State of Lower Saxony are a foundation for tourism and for the transfer of technology and tradition in beer brewing and other related businesses. German-style Biergartens are placed along the river bank providing an authentic atmosphere of German leisure culture.

The location of the plot offers splendid views towards the river delta and the city centre directly behind. In order to take advantage of the views and the location along the river, revitalizing the waterfront and creating reasonably sized commercial facilities is decisive for the success of the project. Three main design principles have been traced:
Maximized view connections, attractive work spaces & leisure activities, and a public Waterfront Promenade.

A continuous circuit linking the main commercial areas at strategic points supports the development to become a vivid, active area with diverse functions.
Located straight in the axis of the delta, the office and hotel towers rotate their direction, thus emphasizing the views towards the delta. The towers are designed to create a choreographic three-dimensional silhouette along the river. At the same time they are facing the green island towards the south, providing visual connections and welcoming the traffic crossing the bridge.
Creating a commercial podium at several levels is a strategy to expand the views to the delta. Directing the commercial area towards the centre and entering from the main access points, leads people in and contains the flow inside. It helps creating an important core for business and commerce.

The residential area comprises high-end apartments with best views towards the Ying River and the city center beyond. The residential buildings have two orientations to optimize both the views towards the river and the sun exposure. Different angles between the buildings avoid blocking the views.

Scope of services
Conceptual urban planning & architectural design
Design team
Li Ran, Pablo Molina, Alev Selcuk, Zhang Bairu, Rita Lourenço