International design competition 1st Prize (results in 3 variants)

‘Fisherman’s Dock’ plot is located in Tianjin’s Tanggu district, between downtown area and Bohai Sea. In the plot’s north is the entrance to the Sino-Singapore Eco-City under construction. Main quality of the long and narrow plot is its extensive waterfront along Yongding New River, its vicinity to an original coastal landscape as well as potentially good sea views, foremost from the planned high-rise buildings.

Tianjin Tanggu / China
Tianjin Fisherman Dock Investment Co., Ltd.
Site area / GFA
15.6 ha / 190,300 m²
Its Western border is close to two main city roads whic …

Its Western border is close to two main city roads which provide an easy connection with the city centre and the future Eco-City.

3 different urban layouts have been explored; the clear separation between a high-rise and a low-rise part shown here turned out to provide the biggest advantantages in terms of marketing, property management, and economic development.
A proportion of 70:30 between apartments in high-rise buildings (26 levels, 90-140 sqm) and those in town houses (200-250 sqm) was intended.
Townhouses have been designed as terraced row-houses allowing higher densities while keeping a rather peaceful privacy for each household. The biggest terraces are south-oriented; big glazing opens towards the overall good views. To avoid overheating in summer, wooden shutters have been planned for all windows facing south and west. Also the set-back walls of terraces are covered with wood to create more comfortable spaces.

Suitable to a seaside location, the buildings’ colours are bright and graceful. All facades are kept in sand-yellow colour. Combined with the wooden elements, a warm, friendly, humane atmosphere is created. For the ground floor part of the facades a darker brown-grey natural stone is used to emphasize important parts like entrance and living room.
High-rises are designed in a similar style. All apartments have at least one terrace. South and west oriented windows have wooden shutters. Generously glazed areas provide all apartments with good views to the sea.

Scope of services
Conceptual urban and building design in 3 variants
Design team
Ran Li, Marta Niedbalec, Lukasz Piasta, Yang Liu, Zhengwei Liu