International landscape planning competition 2nd Prize

Dongli Lake, an artificial lake with 2 km² water surface and 21 km of shore line, is located on the central development axis of Tianjin, between the central city and the coastal new areas. Before its creation, the land had been characterized by fish ponds and farmland. South of the lake the major economic development belt is extending; in its north is an important environmental conservation area.

Tianjin Dongli District / China
Tianjin Planning Bureau
Landscape planning area
80 ha
The area is among those with the highest development po …

The area is among those with the highest development potentials of Tianjin City.
The approved Controlling Detailed Zoning of the area had defined the mixed use functions: international conference centre, featured tourism and recreation district, lakefront commercial zone, as well as high-end residential areas with advanced ecological standards.
Dongli Lake has an immense variety of potential uses for residents’ and visitors’ enjoyment and relaxation. In the future, water taxis and private boats will connect points of interest and provide changing perspectives of water and cityscape.

The urge and incentive of creating a better place for people to live and work, has been the fundamental force which motivated the overall landscape and waterfront design. This approach also needed a strong commitment to human sensitivity in design. Furthermore, a series of recommendations and guidelines for environmental and ecological improvements have been set up.

The design team’s vision was to develop a memorable waterfront with an identity that celebrates the natural beauty of the local urban eco-system.
This waterfront will serve as a premier tourist destination, new urban catalyst, as dynamic gathering place and diverse cultural community, as distinguished educational resource, as bustling commercial center and vibrant recreation hub, as well as a symbol of Tianjin’s role as a creative city in a new millennium.

Scope of services
Conceptual Landscape Masterplan
Planning team
Atelier Dreiseitl, Wolf Loebel Architects