International planning competition 2nd Prize

Dongli Lake, an artificial lake with 2 km² water surface and 21 km of shore line, is located on the central development axis of Tianjin, between the central city and the coastal new areas. South of the lake is the major economic development belt; in its north is an important environmental conservation area. The area is among those with the highest development potentials of Tianjin City.
The lake has an immense potential of various leisure uses for both residents and visitors. In the future, water taxis and private boats will connect points of interest.

Tianjin Dongli District / China
Tianjin Planning Bureau
Planning area
1.04 km²
‘Chinese Summer Davos’ has been an idea proposed by ‘Wo …

‘Chinese Summer Davos’ has been an idea proposed by ‘World Economic Forum’ Chairman Klaus Schwab in 2005. Whereas Winter Davos had become famous for attracting the fortune 500 companies in the world, Summer Davos should attract companies that were to become fortune 500 in the next 10 years.
The Davos Forum to be planned had to include conference, vacation and recreation/wellness. The Conference Centre should also serve the need for other summit meetings, for regular conferences, and international events and exhibitions.

The basic reason for Davos’ success has been that it is a remote place, with restricted access, introverted and concentrated, embedded in a beautiful framed landscape, and that it has a small-scale urban texture with a mixed use of functions.
‘Learning from Davos’ has meant: creating the Summit Island in the heart of Dongli Lake, as a green island floating in the water, forming a clear separation from the ‘outside world’ and its own distinct, secluded and beautiful universe.

Wandering through the double island from north to south, a sequence of areas of distinct character will be experienced. The northern border: an urban front with urban landscape and a prominent entrance plaza, marked by a double tower forming a gate.
Then, crossing the Central Park and its central promenade: The Forum opening up towards the lake, marketplace for ideas, a square for the world community, anchored in an urban environment.
Finally, facing the Forum, but separated by a bridge: The Summit Island like a strange palace floating in the lake, with its huge globe as outstanding landmark.

Design team
Local architects: Li Ran, Li Jingping, Joana Schwarz, Liu Yang | External Partners: Schaller/Theodor Architects, Atelier Dreiseitl