International Urban Planning Competition

The project is located northwest of the 3rd ring road within Beijing’s Zhongguancun High-Tech Zone. Plot owner is the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

The land is aimed to be transformed into a modern research and innovation center for the booming aviation industry.

Beijing Zhongguancun / China
Aviation Industry Corp. of China & China Aviation Planning + Construction Developm. Co., Ltd.
Site area / Planned GFA
17.5 ha / 540,000 m²
Seen from outside, the identity of the building cluster …

Seen from outside, the identity of the building cluster is created by focusing architecture, landscape and traffic upon the main and tallest – 100 meters high – office tower housing AVIC’s headquarters.

A mix of human scale and green technology forms the corporate image and prospective business strength, and by that the chance to give the company a thriving, prosperous impetus. Location, project requirements and character of the enterprise are generating a pioneer function for the whole area, in which the center is the protagonist regarding function and public space.
The entire ensemble will be experienced as a sequence of interconnected yet distinct volumes of towers. The very group of buildings encircling the main tower conveys the park its characteristic profile when seen from different directions.
The integrated spatial framework of the development unfolds in line with its two perpendicular main axes, spanning the park horizontally like two gigantic dragons, from which the headquarter tower is emerging vertically as image and landmark of the whole plot.

The core area comprises research and laboratory centres, public services like hotel as well as supporting business and office buildings. A communication and training center is located right at the starting point of the North-South axis. In the sequence, major office buildings, small-sized innovative businesses as well as an exhibition center are lined up.
The architectural language follows the uses, with abstract and rhythmic facades combining 3 different materials: Dark metal panels are conveying elegance, solidity and presence to the AVIC buildings. Light grey is used for the small offices, reflecting a more dynamic, juvenile character; finally glass for the public conference building and the main towers, generating at the same time a strong night-time image.

The combination of open courtyards inside the buildings and a unique landscape concept integrating large green roofs as fifth façade does not only meet the requirements of advanced office concepts. The open space concept also shapes an unmistakable atmosphere for corporate culture, for a rather casual working style and a climate of interaction and communication, all of which are necessary for fostering innovation and progress.

Scope of services
Conceptual urban and architectural design
Design team
Ran Li, Manh Tran, Alberto Sanchez, Cao Xiaomao, Lara Rubio, Ignacio Alonso