The design, focused on the facades and exterior appearance of the stadium, is aiming at a cost-efficient concept for a developing country which takes the use of recycled and recyclable materials into consideration.

The differing design elements of the Grand Stand Facade on the one hand, as semi-transparent, monochrome and closed cladding, and the Tribune Façade on the other hand, as ornamental, perforated and breathing cover, can easily be prefabricated locally and installed in situ.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State / Nigeria
Bilfinger Berger Nigeria
Public opening
Site area
48 ha
30,000 covered seats / 2,500 adjacent parking lots
The illumination concept which has been developed at th …

The illumination concept which has been developed at the same time is emphasizing the different day and night views of the facades.
The closed part of the envelope serves as huge projection screen during the evening hours.

Concept design
Remo Malnar