It is a rather challenging task not only to fulfil the demanding layout requirements for residential buildings in South of China, even realize a big variety of different apartment types in one and the same building, but simultaneously try keeping an utmost simple, easily recognizable exterior shape

These 150m tall landmark twin towers are located in the Eastern part of Guangzhou’s New CBD. The plot’s west side is adjacent to the former racecourse which will be transformed into an attractive public green area.

New CBD of Guangzhou / China
Guangzhou New City Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area
53,200 m² (above ground)
150 meters
Furthermore the building is alongside of subway line 5 …

Furthermore the building is alongside of subway line 5 with convenient access to public traffic. The plot is one of the last remaining within the new CBD where residential use is permitted.
The plot lies in a rectangular plan from north to south. A northern and a southern tower, both with stunning and undisturbed views, will be constructed upon a common podium building.
The Western residential units may see Zhujiang Park and will be overlooking the whole new skyline of the Central Business District, the Southern apartments will have overwhelming views towards the waterscape of Pearl River.

The first two floors are mainly for commercial uses, the third floor accommodates a public kindergarten. This podium building will have a dense business atmosphere and includes an arcade in the ground floor which is typical for the city.
The slightly protruding higher parts of both high-rise volumes divide the buildings in an upper and lower part, like the human body. Seen as a whole, the two towers form a couple, similar in colours and shape, looking into different directions, but standing on the same basis and relying on each other. The cantilevering upper parts emphasize the most beautiful view directions and accommodate the biggest and best apartments.

The design strives for a modern and reduced architectural style. The towers have the shape of simple cuboids. Brown colours that gradually change from top to bottom – from light to dark in one tower, conversely in the other one – create a vivid, yet unobtrusive appearance.
Although the exterior shape is simplified to a possible maximum, the floor plans fully consider southern Chinese living style, with natural ventilation for each room and terraces big enough to serve as outdoor living spaces.
The night illumination reflects the image of a meteor shower. Slim LED lights integrated into the façade will create a unique nocturnal figure visible from far away.

Scope of services
Preliminary Building Design
Design team
Wolf Loebel, Ran Li, Manh Tran, Yang Liu, Lukasz Piasta, Xin Zhang, Jing Huang, Ignacio Alonso, Pengyong Li