Invited ideas competition

This proposal for a new Wanda Mall is located in a mining pit in the north of the city of Dalian. With more than two hundred thousand square meters GFA, the complex is a combination of retail, restaurants and theme parks, becoming an integral part of the entertainment and leisure life of Dalian.

Dalian, Liaoning Province / China
Dalian Wanda Mall Investment Co., Ltd.
Gross Floor Area
210,000 m²
The design inspiration comes from the natural elements …

The design inspiration comes from the natural elements of stones, water and greenery. Six volumes, like pebbles in a brook, are connected by flowing curves and integrated into the topography of the mining pit. The whole image resembles water stones on green fields.
The third floor of the mall is connected with a professional football field planned to be located on the west side. The east is adjacent to the planned Wanda Hotel group including a big conference center. People standing on the terraces can see the southeast urban eco-park which covers the entire lowest level of the mining pit. On the south side a large parking area meets the requirements of the public function.
The building envelope is formed by multiple layers which resemble the original surrounding environment, creating excellent outdoor viewing terraces. Several large spatial domes are inserted like pebbles on the water.
The internal shopping street is interconnecting 5 theme parks and an independent show stage space, creating a distinct circulation with rich indoor and outdoor spatial experiences. The three underground floors facing the southern lower levels of the pit are for parking and supporting areas.
The façade of the building is inspired by water flows, having natural curves and depth, while also producing different folds and vertical changes that enrich the visual experience.
Here, architecture is transformed into a flowing, soft and natural element with a strong character, providing transparency, privacy, or connections. The building itself and its surrounding special geographical environment contributes to establish Wanda Mall as a major urban landmark for Dalian.

Scope of services
Conceptual building design (suspended)
Design team
Li Ran, Pablo Molina, Alev Selcuk, Bairu Zhang, Li Jie