For the headquarters and the showroom of the largest German shoe manufacturer in Tokyo, an identity-creating space concept has been developed.

The interior design makes the ‘feel-good’ philosophy of Birkenstock come alive and serves as a prototype for other international locations.

Tokyo / Japan
Birkenstock GmbH / Germany
The showroom with meeting area and connected offices co …

The showroom with meeting area and connected offices combines well-being quality with urban serenity.
Typical materials for the shoe fashion are presented here, such as leather, felt and cork.
They characterize the furnishings and create a warm counterpart to the steel-and-glass façade of the architecture.

Solid oak planks create an open space within the room for customer discussions or informal meetings.
A “branding wall” and a “presentation tower” offer flexible presentation options.
In addition to the open ceiling structure, lamps and metal furniture in ‘industrial chic’ also contribute to the special ambience.

Interior Design
Suanne Brandherm, Sabine Krumrey
Nacasa & Partners Inc., Tokyo / Japan