Birkenstock Tokyo

The showroom with meeting area and connected offices combines well-being quality with urban serenity.
Typical materials for the shoe fashion are presented here, such as leather, felt and cork.
They characterize the furnishings and create a warm counterpart to the steel-and-glass façade of the architecture.

Solid oak planks create an open space within the room for customer discussions or informal meetings.
A “branding wall” and a “presentation tower” offer flexible presentation options.
In addition to the open ceiling structure, lamps and metal furniture in ‘industrial chic’ also contribute to the special ambience.

WASU headquarters | interior

This concept is strengthened by the proximity to an important water body, as it often happens in cities like Hangzhou that are traditionally characterized by water features and by the integration of nature and the built environment.
Following the volumetric principle, the interior concept set the goal of linking the different functional areas and towers with a common design language.
This is achieved by choosing a unified pattern – a simplified, geometric version of a tree – and applying it in all the circulation spaces of the building, so that podium and sub-cores of the towers will be conceptually identified as a single plant root that has grown within the building.

For the representative areas of the building, such as lobby, office areas and canteen, innovative decorative solutions have been selected in order to give a modern and sophisticated but still easily readable cross-reference to nature.
Lighting is designed as playful composition of leaves, columns’ claddings are shaped with diagonal lines that remind of bamboo trees, and stone tiles strongly express their granulation. In the most luxurious areas, carpets and wallpapers display fractal geometries that recall vegetation patterns.
The predominant materials are timber (in panels, in lamellas forming round shapes or in suspended ceilings) and natural stone. Metal and glass panels are used for special claddings, often with texture or a rough surface treatment.
Overall a feeling of relaxation is created, which will enhance productivity without renouncing a human-centred and attractive working environment.

Miyun villas | interior

Space is organized and divided by built-in units or walls where all the necessary functions are included.
The first concept is called ‘dark elegance’, expressing the stylishness of successful young and independent persons in an elegant as well as extravagant way. Green marbles, dark atmosphere, polished surfaces, glass, dark leather and modern furniture. The staircase takes presence as the main feature of the entire living space. This style conveys the perfect environment to express a prosperous life-style.

‘White purity’ as the second concept creates spaces full of light with some decent notes of colour, serving almost as an exhibition gallery and as canvas for single masterpieces of furniture and decoration: Spaces that represent modern life on a rather artistic level and with unique ambience

The reconciliation between these two opposite concepts is a style called ‘balance’, representing the equilibrium in form of a warm environment where the toasted colours of the travertine, the smooth surfaces of beige fabrics and the warm atmosphere that timber provides are creating a cozy living space, more orientated towards young couples with offspring in early ages to express the warmth of family life.

German expert’s apartment | interior

Featuring second-hand wooden surfaces creates a somehow ‘cozy’ feeling, with a whole wall of hanging wooden panels providing a soft charm. Also some bare brick walls cater to the quasi-industrial feeling. With the addition of art works, an artistic touch is added to an otherwise rough and industrial ‘retro’ environment.
The design reflects German culture with a matching colour palette, while taking care of the functional optimization, storage and lighting system, in particular with the treatment of details and the combination of diverse materials. An aesthetic yet simple and practical design was fully considered, while integrating an intelligent home management system.
Floor heating, air conditioning and fresh air systems, water and electricity as well as home cinema and others have been coordinated or preserved during the design process. Based on the client’s budget, the construction costs have been limited to 2,000 RMB/m² (ca. 300$/m²)

‘Society Hill’ club | interior

The foyer spanning the full height of the building is offering unobstructed views to the most attractive landscape features of the project: the main community plaza with its water cascade and the central green axis with its rich planting and varied watercourse.

The commissioned interior design task dealt with the aforementioned major public spaces:
During the sales phase the vast entrance hall was used as welcome and display area, showing (amongst others) physical models of the residential project. The nearby café was used for negotiations in an informal, casual atmosphere.
Together with unobtrusive materials (timber, light grey natural stone, stainless steel, and white plaster) and decent modern furniture, special big-scale lighting elements are creating the major space impression, not only in the evening hours. These illumination-walls display some oversized prints of ‘jujube’ trees, those partly 200 years old trees that were found in huge numbers on the ground and that have been integrated in orchards into the landscape design of the community.

Majuqiao show & sales room interior

In this way the ground floor could be kept slim in order to make full use of the daylight with its reflections and shadowgraphs created by the façade.

A bright and open space has been created, with fully glazed facades on all four sides. The space has been decorated and furnished in a decent and modern way, with reduced colours, shapes and built-in components, avoiding any exaggerated show-off effect.
The artificial lighting is integrated in huge lighting boxes, cubes of different sizes and heights hanging from the ceiling, which thus become part of the space’s architecture.
Only the illumination box highlighting the physical model of the SOHO project is set off in a dark purple colour; at the same time the box at the ceiling is mirrored in the shape of the model’s equally purple pedestal.
The few intimate negotiation and meeting rooms are separated by walls. Other partitions are made of glass walls or glass boxes with integrated planting.
Last not least the important staircase leading to the sample apartments in the second floor is emphasized and drawing attraction by a red carpet as the only strong colour in the whole ground floor.

Nansha Bay 5-star Boutique Hotel

The interior of this five star boutique hotel is targeting for relaxation, elegance and close contact with nature.
The design is basically simple and without unnecessary ornaments.
The main underlying concept is emphasizing the natural environment by the simplicity of the interior spaces.
By merging colours and materials in the right way, the unique natural surrounding is underlined and set off, making it even more important and uncommon, so that it becomes an integral element of the interior design.
All furniture has been created and situated to face nature. The space inside the guest rooms has been organized in different ways to create closed, semi-closed and open spaces in direction of the surrounding lush nature.

Nansha Bay 5-star Resort Hotel

By the selection of materials, colours and patterns the local environment, climate and landscape are emphasized – with the aim of reflecting the casual, relaxing atmosphere of beach and maritime life.
Main design topics have been assigned to different hotel areas: sea, island, beach and reef.
The interior design of different parts receives its individual character by the specific choice of materials and colour combinations, responding to one of the main topics, which in the end are always related to the main concept: Sea.
For the most public areas, such as conference rooms and restaurants, the concept of ‘reef’ provides an always surprising wide range of colours and textures.
The main lobby and reception area trace the colours and magic reflections of the deep water.
For the guest rooms and suites the main intent has been to reflect the calm and relaxation of the beach.